Brick & Tile Cleaner


Acid based cleaner for removing efflorescence, etc. from many surfaces. No after effects.

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Brick & Tile Cleaner

The Original Brick & Tile Cleaner Since 1947!

Cleans grout. Quickly removes cement and lime stains (efflorescence) from brick, block, flagstone, and quarry tile. Does not have any after effects such as leaving rings and stains. Easily cleans dirty grout.Cleans clay tile, glazed ceramics, vitreous tile, porcelain tile, some headstones and many more. Removes stains from grout. Cleans surfaces where lime scale forms. Can be safely used inside the home to clean blackened fireplaces of soot and smoke stains. Do not use on limestone, real travertine or marble.

Directions for Glazed Tiles:

Pour a small amount in a non-metallic dish. Apply with a fiber brush. Allow a few moments for chemical to clean, then flush with warm soapy water. Do not rub glazed surfaces or permit fluid to stand on surfaces.

Directions for Brick, Stone, Clay Tiles, etc.:

Apply in the same manner but be sure to clean from the bottom upwards on vertical surfaces. In cleaning large areas, clean small areas at a time, flushing the area with plain water as it is cleaned. For very porous bricks and clay tiles, wet surface with water before applying Brick & Tile Cleaner. Rinse with detergent-free ammonia (1/4 cup to 2 gallons water) after cleaning.

Cat Urine on concrete. Clean urine with soap and water. Apply Brick & Tile Cleaner to the surface, then rinse with clean water. Let the surface dry completely. If the smell persists repeat he process until there is no longer an odor when dry. Next apply Speed Penetrant Sealer over the affected area.

Read ENTIRE product label. Wear protective clothing, gloves and googles. Use only in well ventilated areas.

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