Internacional Finish


A waterborne finish and polish for use over all flooring surfaces including sealed concrete and wood.

Internacional Finish Cannot ship to California

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Internacional Finish

A Maintenance Floor Finish
Internacional Finish is a waterborne maintenance coating designed to impart a gloss appearance. Used to overcoat sealed surfaces and finished woods to impart a surface that is not only beautiful, but scratch, mar and scuff resistant. Simplifies maintenance. Internacional Finish is designed to minimize the need for stripping. Simply recoat worn dull areas. Internacional Finish will blend with prior coatings. Proper maintenance of Internacional Finish will eliminate the need to reapply sealers due to wear.

Most Porcelain Tile and glazed Ceramic Tile may be coated with Internacional Finish to give a glossy appearance. Note that you do not use any “sealer” on these tiles. Grout lines must be sealed. (S.P.S.)


High gloss
Easily maintainable
Hard surface resists dirt penetration
Easy cleanup
Blends in with prior coats
Easy application
Non flammable
Low odor
Fast drying
Spray Buff and Burnishable
Labor saving
Detergent resistant
No ethylene glycols
Scuff, scratch & mar resistant
All types of flooring with the exception of unsealed porous surfaces such as bare concrete, unfinished wood, etc.. Not intended for use over glazed ceramics or outdoors.

Directions for Use:
Surface must be clean and dry. Apply thin coats using a clean mop or wax applicator. Can also be applied by hand with a foam rubber brush. Do not allow to puddle. Apply so that no white of the polish is visible. allow 30 minutes between coats. 2 to 3 thin coats recommended.

Technical Information:
Appearance: Milky white; dries clear

pH: 8.5

Low V.O.C.

Charge: Anionic

Coverage: Approx. 1000 sq ft/gal

Freeze/Thaw: Protect product from freezing

Temperature window: 50°-90° F. (10° C) Min.

Internacional Finish over Mex Seal: On a fresh coat of Mex Seal, the sealer, by nature tries to repel other liquids especially water and waterborne coatings. In order to ensure the Internacional Finsh adheres properly to a fresh coat of Mex Seal, a light buffing is required before application. If Mex Seal is left alone for a few weeks, then cleaned, this too will condition the surface so that the finish can take properly to the Mex Seal

Internacional Finish Cannot ship to California

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