SR-5 Stripper


Useful in removing oil based sealers, paints, and oil stains.

SR-5 Stripper Cannot Ship to California

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SR-5 Stripper

A blend of high flash solvents and surfactants designed to remove most sealers and paints; waterborne and oil based. The addition of water during the stripping process causes the stripped material to emulsify, facilitating removal without re-adhesion of the stripped material. The use of higher flash solvents minimizes flammability and health risks; however, adequate ventilation is necessary during use. Stripped material can be mopped up or wet vacuumed if hoses and parts are chemically resistant. Sparks SR-5 is also useful for removing grease and oil from concrete. Do not use Sparks SR-5 on man- made composition flooring.


Apply SR-5 stripper to an area no greater than 4 feet square and allow to stand a few minutes. Scrub area with stripping pad or brush, and as material strips, apply approximately an equal amount of water to the area and continue scrubbing. Remove stripped material from floor and rinse as needed. Provide adequate ventilation until dry. Protect adjacent surfaces from absorbing the stripper. Additional precautions regarding health are necessary, such as respirators, eye protection, protective clothing and gloves.

Note: Nothing removes reactive silicone or fluropolymer sealers. Epoxies must be scraped off.

SR-5 Stripper Cannot Ship to California

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